About me

I was a child asking “difficult questions“, at least I heard from my parents, though I felt it every day. All my “otherness” consisted in the fact that I saw more, I felt more and asked questions that did not fit into the canons of the knowledge of my surroundings. Burdened by the barriers of my parents’ unconsciousness, I built my inner world, full of beautiful good Angels. I was also accustomed to the anxiety of the experiences of other people accompanying me. I slowly absorbed the unexamined, inexplicable and most unimaginable by most people. Today I am a mature, fulfilled and conscious woman. My adulthood has opened my way to freedom, peace and harmony of spirit.
However, it was not always so easy …
My paths led me to the unknown, sometimes they were blind alleys, but more often the paths to brightness that set in my way, like signposts of fascinating people – my Guides.

This road has been going on for over twenty years…
During which a lot has happened in my life. I became a wife, mother of three wonderful children. 21-year-old daughter, 11-year-old teenager and 4-year-old lotus-born son. Each of them is a gift, I owe everyone to discovering other emotions and learning the power of energy that I would never suspect of myself. Welcome to the world and lead them through life is one of the most important tasks of my everyday life.

This is the period of searching for the paths of natural medicine, when the conventional one is not effective.

These are years of searching, acquiring knowledge, making conscious decisions and consistently implementing them.

It is a path of change and own spiritual development, a time of reflection, reflection and building a new, better awareness of life.

It is a way to find happiness and harmony, a road that continues…

Continuous education and my own experiences have allowed me to create a program of exceptional internal development workshops for every human being.

It is a series of lectures and practical exercises combined into an integral whole. A compendium that will not only provide knowledge and facts, but above all, ways to apply them in your own life. We always meet in a beautiful place, where the closeness of nature brings us closer to the awareness of the benefits that Mother Earth gives us. It facilitates meditation and slows down our speedy life so that we can capture and learn our own lost I in the rush of everyday life.