Release, stop for a moment,

Hear the silence …

Hear the voice of the heart …

Hear the whispering soul

I was a child asking „difficult questions”, at least I heard from my parents, though I felt it every day. All my „otherness” consisted in the fact that I saw more, I felt more and asked questions that did not fit into the canons of the knowledge of my surroundings. Burdened by the barriers of my parents’ unconsciousness, I built my inner world, full of beautiful good Angels. I was also accustomed to the anxiety of the experiences of other people accompanying me. I slowly absorbed the unexamined, inexplicable and most unimaginable by most people. Today I am a mature, fulfilled and conscious woman. My adulthood has opened my way to freedom, peace and harmony of spirit.

About me in numbers

+10years of passing my knowledge to others+50workshops organized by me+600participants of my workshops+1000hours of individual consultations

Book The secret of birth. The Lotus Birth

The book „Mystery of birth. The Lotus Birth” is a book that fits into the creation of a new paradigm. It presents many key facts that should be widely known and complement our as a society, knowledge about how we think about the birth and role of women in childbirth.

More about The Lotus Birth

Sometimes in the rush of life we do not see signals flowing from our depths. Civilization cries out the original signals [..] Our soul does not scream, it silently to talk to us. I will help you hear your soul. I will help you understand her whisper.
tu masz link do spotkajmy sie i to jest to samo co w konsultacjach

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A series of workshops „Conscious Life” consisting of 10 weekend meetings, during which you will experience the awakening of your consciousness, connect with your interior, learn to work with your own potential and feel your Power that has always been in You. You will discover that your life can be clear, predictable and understandable.

Opinions about the workshop

„I recommend consultations and workshops, simply contact with Edyta.I thanks to her health, nutrition and spiritual advice, I changed my relationship, I took care of health, gave myself and the family attention and time, is open, concrete and shows the right direction. I am very grateful to her. for taking care of me”

participant of workshops and consultations
„I think it was not by accident that I found a workshop with Edyta, but now I feel that I’m on the right path and I’m not going to get out of it, I’m good with myself.” Edyta is a charismatic and very energetic person who attracts great people At the workshops, I met people with amazing energy, Edyta has a huge talent and knowledge that he can convey in an interesting and engaging way…”

workshop participant
„Workshops with the Edyta change lives for the better, open eyes and hearts, the magic atmosphere is intertwined with the wealth of information, I absolutely recommend to everyone who wants to develop on the path of spirituality”

workshop participant
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