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Mystery of birth. The Lotus Birth

We need the energy of love
The book „Mystery of birth. The Lotus Birth „is a book that fits into the creation of a new paradigm. It presents many key facts that should be widely known and complement our as a society, knowledge about how we think about the birth and role of women in childbirth. If readers think about sending this book for a moment, it can have a fundamental impact on the birth of a new generation without violence, but in love and trust in Nature. We stand at the threshold of an era that needs conscious, independent thinking, free people with open hearts. Let us open ourselves to this miracle of birth and support as a society women who decide to give birth to a lotus. Newborns feel more than we thought. It has been observed that they feel and are aware of cutting the umbilical cord, which is recorded in the memory of the body for life. My dream is that this knowledge should reach every woman and every man who wants to become conscious and responsible parents.
Position for both mothers in the blessed state, their partners and for all others who want to know how to come to the world like children want to.
We need to rediscover what birth can be if it is not disturbed by cultural influences. We need a reference point from which we should not go too far. The birth of a lotus is just such a point.

Michel Odent, an obstetrician

Nowadays, pregnancy and childbirth are perceived as conditions requiring pharmacological support. faith in the power of hospital procedures is so strong that even women who want to give birth naturally undergo some medical intervention. The quality of birth determines the quality of human life and collectively about the quality of society. This simple fact was known and practiced in Eastern cultures. Today science has rediscovered and proved that medical interventions have a far-reaching, negative impact on a child’s physical and emotional health. The book „Mystery of birth. The lotus birth „presents research, observations and experiences of doctors, midwives, psychologists and mothers in a clear and transparent way, explains why it is worth supporting physiological processes. I recommend reading to all future parents

Preeti Agrawal, doctor of medical sciences, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics. President of the Woman and Nature Foundation, founder of the first integration therapy center in Poland.

Childbirth is an event of great importance in every culture. Each nation has its own rituals of fertility, birth myths and art, and people who, while helping in childbirth, fulfill their duties to society. Because childbirth is indispensable to ensure the survival of a given society, practices reflect the deepest values of a given culture.

Louis E.Mehl

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